The Bulgarian government strongly supports the requests of Bulgarian carriers for the adoption of amendments to the so-called Mobility Package, which will be voted this week by the Committee on Transport in the European Parliament. This was stated during a meeting of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov with Transport Minister Rossen Jeliazkov, whereby the upcoming carrier's protest in Brussels on 10 January were discussed, as well as their demands that the Transport Committee of the European Parliament adopts the several amendments to the Mobility Package that were postponed, concerning the regulation of their postings, the return to the country of registration every 4 weeks, and the overnight breaks for the drivers.


The Bulgarian state is in solidarity with the protest of the carriers, which are expected to be supported by their colleagues from Romania, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, and Ireland. The limitations imposed by the Mobility Package will be restrictive and extremely burdensome for the transport business in the peripheral countries of the Union and in practice will push it out of the market, said Minister Rosen Jeliazkov. "If the package is accepted without the amendments demanded by Bulgarian carriers, Bulgaria and the countries listed will lose much of their economic potential and domestic product, our carriers will be forced to move their business elsewhere and this is unacceptable for our country," said Prime Minister Borissov.


Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and Transport Minister Rosen Jeliazkov once again expressed the support of the government for the requests of Bulgarian carriers. As an expression of this solidarity, Minister Jeliazkov will personally attend the protest of the carriers in the square in front of the European Parliament in Brussels and the following meeting of the Transport Committee.