Prime minister Stefan Yanev meets Austria’s ambassador Andrea Wicke


Bulgaria and Austria enjoy excellent bilateral relations which we can continue to build on and deepen in the future, said Prime Minister Stefan Yanev when he met H. E. Mrs. Andrea Wicke, Ambassador of the Republic of Austria to Bulgaria. At their discussion in the Council of Ministers the Prime Minister and the Ambassador exchanged views on matters of mutual interest for both countries. Austria’s Ambassador Andrea Wicke congratulated Prime Minister Stefan Yanev on the performance of the caretaker government in coping successfully with its tasks in these hard times.


The meeting gave prominence to the productive political dialog that Bulgaria and Austria have at all levels and to the economic partnership given the large number of Austrian investors in Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan was likewise discussed whereupon Prime Minister Stefan Yanev highlighted the caretaker government’s effort to improve the Plan so as to make sure that the funding should be spent in a way that is the best possible way for Bulgaria.


The political situation in Bulgaria was among the points that Prime Minister Stefan Yanev and Ambassador Andrea Wicke discussed at the meeting. Prime Minister Stefan Yanev drew attention to the responsibility of the political parties in the current situation and stressed the Bulgarian citizens’ expectations to have a stable government to run the country. Further the Prime Minister pointed out the significance of the Parliament’s work to update the national budget without which the country would find itself in a difficult situation. Points from the European agenda were discussed as well at the meeting of Prime Minister Stefan Yanev with Austria’s Ambassador Andrea Wicke.