Prime Minister Stefan Yanev appoints a coordination group to address stranded Vera Su ship situation


An order by Prime Minister Stefan Yanev appointed a coordination group tasked to cope with the situation caused by the Vera Su ship that is stranded in Yaylata locality. The coordination group is headed by: Asen Lichev, Minister of Environment and Water; and Hristo Aleksiev, Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications. The coordination group members are: Plamen Yordanov, Deputy Minister of Defense; Vassiliy Takev, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs; Maria Pavlova, Deputy Minister of Justice; and Tanya Petrova, Deputy Minister of Interior.


The Prime Minister’s order assigns the coordination group to organize, coordinate and control the competent institutions’ operations intended for the Vera Su ship and to collect information about the situation development. If needed, staff members from other institutions and organizations are to be recruited to help the coordination group’s operation that is to be superintended by Prime Minister Stefan Yanev himself.