Prime Minister Petkov attends European Council meeting


Prime Minister Kiril Petkov attends the European Council Meeting. His visit to Brussels started earlier today with the EU-Western Balkans leaders’ meeting. An item on the discussion agenda was the prospect to open accession negotiations with the Republic of North Macedonia and Albania. The Bulgarian Prime Minister described the talks as difficult. “I witnessed a strong expectation that Bulgaria would lift the veto. At the same time, I heard explanations as to why the Republic of North Macedonia found it difficult to accept the requirements of the French Presidency’s proposal. I managed to explain clearly why what we want should materialize,” Kiril Petkov said.


One of the European Council’s ongoing issues is the European perspective of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. The Bulgarian Prime Minister voiced his support for the accession of the three Eastern partners. To give a European perspective is an important sign of support for the three states, against the background of the Russian military aggression in Ukraine. This is the first important step on their path to the EU. The reforms required in line with the European standards must be implemented prior to the start of the negotiation processes. Prime Minister Kiril Petkov stressed that the progress made to meet the EU requirements differs from country to country and that the each of the three countries moves at a different pace, however, their effort should be supported.