Prime Minister Kiril Petkov meets Isaac Herzog, President of the State of Israel


Prime Minister Kiril Petkov met with the President of the State of Israel Isaac Herzog. The two leaders discussed active Bulgarian-Israeli cooperation that evolved into strategic partnership in recent years.

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister was firm that mutual trust and excellent cooperation between Bulgaria and the State of Israel will continue to develop to cover new areas of mutual interest. 

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov stressed the great importance that Bulgaria attaches to its relations with the State of Israel that have deep historical roots and were strengthened by the heroic act of the salvation of the Bulgarian Jews during World War II.

Emphasis was placed in the context of the discussion of the promotion of bilateral economic cooperation on the energy sector and the opportunities for partnership between the two countries. In the course of the discussion Kiril Petkov noted that it is a priority for the Bulgarian Government to guarantee the country’s energy security and that the diversification of gas supplies is a key element to that end.

Other points on the discussion agenda of the Bulgarian Prime Minister and the Israeli President Issac Herzog were potential opportunities in areas such as tourism, security, investment and innovation.