Prime Minister Kiril Petkov attends the special meeting of the European Council in Brussels


Prime Minister Kiril Petkov is attending the special meeting of the European Council devoted to Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine. “The situation has changed completely and is very dramatic. The military aggression that we are witnessing is absolutely unacceptable,” the Prime Minister said in Brussels. The Heads of State and Government discussed modalities to help the Ukrainian people and measures against Moscow. The European Council will approve a sanctions package against Russia and Belarus in response to the violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Union is united in its response and has planned measures to help member states that might be hit in the event of countersanctions by Russia. “Bulgaria’s energy security is the focal point of our Government and we are glad that all other leaders show understanding despite the continuing disregard for energy security by previous Bulgarian governments,” Kiril Petkov said.


All EU member states in the proximity of the conflict-stricken zone are making arrangements to shelter Ukrainian citizens in case they want to leave the country for a short term. “We cannot even imagine what families feel as they leave their homes to save their lives, but we can lend them a hand and provide them shelter and security. Bulgaria will do its duty, in particular to the Bulgarian minority in Ukraine,” the Prime Minister stressed.