The topics concerning the EU budget and the Green Deal are the cornerstones in Brussels - discussions are still under way, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov told media after his meetings with EC President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel.


"For Bulgaria at the moment, what we have achieved, despite the reduced budget of EUR 60 billion, is to get the same percentage of money as we have had in the past, and even more" the Prime Minister noted in regards to the negotiations on the Multilateral Financial Framework for the period of 2021 – 2027. During his visit to Brussels, Borissov introduced the leaders of the two European institutions to the most disadvantaged of our regions. The importance of cohesion policy, which removes the differences between different parts of the EU, was discussed again.


Regarding the Green Deal, Prime Minister Borissov noted that everyone is aware of the problem and of the billions that need to be allocated. "The next 10 years have to be full of active work. By 10-15 years, mechanisms, or a technology that does not pollute the environment must be found to replace coal. This is a complicated process, "Borissov added.


Prime Minister Borissov expressed his surprise at the resistance in Bulgaria for the country's accession to the Eurozone. "They tried to talk about the euro as it is something bad. And the waiting room guarantees the security of the banking system, nothing more. I don’t see any country in Europe that uses the euro to be worse than Bulgaria, "said Prime Minister Borissov. In his words, the Banking Union means discipline, control and guaranteed finances. "This globally binds us to Europe first," said Prime Minister Boyko Borissov.