Prime minister Stefan Yanev: We will ensure Bulgaria’s full-fledged participation in the genome of Europe project to the benefit of the progress of medicine


The Government will provide additional funding to support the generation of the first 1000 genomes which will be Bulgaria’s contribution to the Genome of Europe Project in relation to the European 1+ Million Genomes Initiative (1+MG). The Initiative brings together 23 European countries of which Bulgaria is one with a goal to create a reference dataset for healthcare research and innovation. The Initiative will help prevent and treat many socially significant diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), etc.


This is what came out of today’s visit of Prime Minister Stefan Yanev and of the Minister of Education and Science Nikolai Denkov to the Molecular Medicine Center and the Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Biochemistry with the Medical University in Sofia. “This building is a location of important work with a very wide field of application in modern medicine, including the personalized medicine,” Prime Minister Yanev said as he congratulated the Rector of the MU-Sofia Academician Lachezar Traikov and his entire team. The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of innovation and the progress of science for the sake of having more opportunities for diagnostics and therapy and for pharmacology development.


In reply to a question from a media staffer about the vaccination campaign in Bulgaria, Prime Minister Stefan Yanev firmly refuted allegations that an option was being sought to enforce mandatory vaccination. “No such thing. It is the right of each individual to decide what to do about his or her health,” the Prime Minister said. Also he recalled the Health Ministry’s pandemic plan regarding the preparation of the health infrastructure and the measures.


“A plan has been drawn up to intensify efforts, if needed. Additional healthcare financing is an issue that is part of the budget readjustment. I hope that this will materialize and the money required will be provided,” Prime Minister Stefan Yanev said. The Prime Minister emphasized the Government’s understanding that all measures should be lenient to the businesses as this is key to the national economy.