Prime Minister Boyko Borissov met with Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila. The two spoke at the government residence in Helsinki "Kesaranta". The focus of the meeting was on the European perspective for the Western Balkan countries, on security and border control, education, energy, and tourism.


Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila congratulated Prime Minister Boyko Borissov on the success of the first Bulgarian Presidency. Sipila described our country's priorities as an excellent choice while leading the EU Council. "This is a success for the Presidency. I congratulated my dear colleague, Prime Minister Borissov, on leading the EU Council," added the Finnish Prime Minister after the meeting.


Boyko Borissov and Juha Sipila agreed on an exchange of students and teachers between the two countries. "The strongest universities and maybe the best educational system is in Finland. Prime Minister Juha Sipila personally made a commitment to have exchanges of students and teachers organized," Borissov said. He explained that the Vocational High School of Computer Programming and Innovation in Burgas was discussed in respect to such cooperation in particular.


The two heads of government also discussed enhancing cooperation in the energy field. "There will be more intense talks over the next few days on the Finnish model with the use of Russian nuclear power reactors. With the colleague, we have a plan how to help each other the most by our expertise in this sphere," added the Bulgarian Prime Minister.


Boyko Borissov stressed that Bulgaria and Finland are the role-model for protecting the EU external borders in terms of political will, strong border police, and well-functioning agreements with third countries.


The Bulgarian Prime Minister also reported that the number of Finnish tourists in Bulgaria has doubled. "I hope that in the next few months Juha will visit Bulgaria, I promised to take him to Plovdiv, the European capital of culture for 2019," said Prime Minister Borissov.